Back yourself

A couple of years ago over a bottle of bubbly, a good friend of mine gave me some sound advice  - "Just back yourself Reenie." Have the confidence to do what you love knowing you will succeed. 

Well, last week I finally grew a pair and have done just that - I’ve backed myself. I resigned from my sturdy job in marketing and have started up my own graphic design business. Who knows how it will go, but hell, it’s sure worth a shot. 

Speaking of backing oneself, last weekend I made the trek home to my favourite place in the world, The Liverpool Plains, to watch my lovably eccentric parents and their wonderfully crazy neighbours in a play. Yes, you read that correctly, a dramatic play. 

The Blackville Players

Every few years this incredible farming community backs themselves and gets together to put on a play for the entertainment of the district (and themselves) and as a fundraiser for local charities. These witty, moralistic and sporadic productions are written and directed by the super clever and ever patient Rich Anderson and acted out by none other than the local farmers. 

Richard Burns presenting Richard Anderson with a well earned 'Oscar'.

After many (booze soaked) practice nights, the crew pulled together a ridiculously hilarious version of ‘Hamlet’ with darker undertones concerning agricultural succession planning. Shakespeare himself would have been proud; however I’m not sure he would have cast the narrator as a tat covered coke snorting pig, but the addition of The Witches from McBeth was a delight in itself to behold - Dave Carter and Greyson Gulliver have never looked or sounded better.

Never in my life would I have expected to see such a thought provoking ‘To be or not to be’ or in this case ‘Toby or not Toby’ (Toby happened to be Mum in a ginger beard); feel genuine emotion when Ophelia suicided to The Veronicas ‘You Ruin Me’ and a sense of relief when Dad came onto the stage dressed as a man - he has a bit of a reputation for cross dressing in these productions. 

All in all, it was a splendid production selling out on both nights and well worth the 10 hour round trip in the car. More importantly, it just goes to show that with a little confidence anything is possible.

Bill Wilmott 'hamming' it up