We're in the process of building me a dedicated art studio but right now it resembles Aladdins Cave with all of the boxes stacked in there! Until I manage to unpack them there won't be much painting. However I did manage to shift a few around over the weekend and I came across some framed artworks ready for sale. I was planning on having them at the Tamworth Country Music Festival markets in Jan but thanks to that pesky virus the markets were rescheduled and now I have framed art to sell (which I normally don't carry).

      The good news is that I've just loaded them up onto my website and if you're looking for a way to write some last minute tax dollars off, the ATO classifies  art as a depreciating asset which qualifies it for the instant asset write-off measure. 

      So in short, buy these artworks, they're ready to hang and I'm only charging the same price as the print plus the framing cost. 

      I can't post these safely because of the glass but please contact me if you're interested and I'll work out a way of getting them to you - Carina
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