I'm a creative at heart with an analytical mind. I love all things creative and I have a passion for clever advertising, smoothly web design and peppy social media marketing that performs. 

When I graduated from UTS with a degree in design, no one was hiring designers. There was nothing quite like emerging from the fog of uni just as the GFC struck - it made me reassess and pivot professionally.

Luckily for me, social media was just starting to take off (imagine a time where there was no Instagram or LinkedIn!) and I dived head first into the industry as a Digital Producer. I was pushed into digital marketing right at a time when there was plenty of enthusiasm for the industry and I've built my career up as a digital marketer and designer, working as a freelancer in some of Sydney's top advertising and marketing agencies. My passion for social media and web design then landed me a role leading team as a Digital Creative Director.

In 2018 we welcomed our first child into the world and my career tacked again accompanied by a tree change from Sydney to Tamworth. Whilst enjoying the joys of motherhood, taking in a deep breath of the fresh country air and moving back to my home town I enjoy running a digital marketing and design consultancy. I also freelance as a graphic designer and wedding stationery designer for Ivory Lane Event Styling. In my free time I dabble in commercial art - you'll no doubt see me at a local markets peddling my wares!